highlighting the benefits of writing a dairy

Benefits of writing a diary on your 3 dimensions of Holistic Health

Writing a diary is a therapy which makes a lot of changes in our human life.

This habit plays a significant role in our life of being a best friend. You can share all your good and bad experiences. You will get good benefits of writing a diary on your health. I would like to share some of my experiences here, which I hope the readers can benefit from.  Our organization – “Enrich My Health” defines its goal as to provide ‘Holistic solution’ to the health solution seekers.

The practice of writing a diary not only works on our physical health, but also on our psychological health, social relationship, our financial growth and our spiritual health as a whole. So let’s see how this wonderful practice can give us miraculous results in our life. 

Physical Health: –

Medical science agrees that 80 % of the physical diseases are psychosomatic. It implies that our physical problems depend on our mental condition. Negative thoughts disturb the natural cycle of our body and then starts dysfunctioning. Please refer my one more blog  to know the importance of other therapies http://enrichmyhealth.in/why-should-we-follow-naturopathy-yoga-psychology-and-spirituality-practices-to-live-a-healthy-life/

In our life span, we all face some or the other physical problems. Many people face sleep issues, some are life style related or some chronic problems Their minds always keep racing thoughts about problems and is not ready to sleep peacefully. It is very much obvious because of our stressful and hectic life style. So, how can we overcome this? the main concern is restless mind, right?

How to Do Mental Exercise 

So let’s do some mental exercise with writing a diary. Start writing your activities of the day, write the incidences which are affecting your mood. Clear all you doubt, make to do lists of your upcoming tasks and then witness the difference. You will definitely get a good and deep sleep, because your mind will be peaceful after this mental practice. It will automatically connect itself to the peaceful energy.



The Result

The results of writing a diary on physical health are: –

  • It motivates you to maintain physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, such as indulging in daily exercises and having healthy diet.
  • This practice keep your body and mind active and healthy.
  • Helps you to take steps towards success by motivating you in everything you choose.
  • Making you a better planner and improves your decision making skills, makes you more confident and positive towards life, it helps you to focus on your creativity
  •  And last but not the least it gives you a good quality of sleep and peaceful mind.

 Isn’t it a miracle?

Psychological Health: –

Now let’s talk about the psychological benefits. As per the universal law of Life/Nature, we all have to face some good and bad times. In good times we feel that we are lucky and happy but when bad time comes we always trouble our self and blame our destiny.

Our negative thoughts suppresses our intellect. we start believing that only sorrows and problems are part of our life. It is during this bad time, when we are in tough situations or in problem, habit of writing a diary will guide you like a best teacher. Mention all your issues. Take a pause and think on the reasons why this tough time has come. Allow your mind to think out of the box and then your intellect will automatically start working on the solutions of each and every problem while tuning with the universal energy.



There are many said and hidden benefits of writing a diary, let’s see some of them

  • Writing a diary will help you face a tough situation with patience.
  • This habit gives you the safest feeling.
  • It clears your mind and thoughts and gives you the clear directions about the future life.
  • It heals you to become a sincere and transparent person and it makes you emotionally stronger and improves your decision making power.

After all these changes one will automatically start living with positive attitude along with full of confidence.

Social Health and Financial Health: – 

In point of fact, it is really difficult to live peaceful and happy life without healthy interpersonal and social relationship. With the same weight our financial stability also plays a significant role to maintain our happiness and peace. So now, how writing a diary will help us maintain social and financial health in our life?

Let’s see: –

  • When you plan everything properly, it improves your eligibility and patience level.
  • It helps healing the frustration of past, you can move on or you can easily maintain your relationship with anyone.
  • The uncertainties in your life will be managed very easily.
  • It improves your communication skills and people management skills.
  • Your diary is your secret confidence – you can share anything and then you can destroy that page if you don’t want to keep.
  • In addition, It also helps to improve your memory. 

So don’t you thing all these changes can help you to focus on your growth?

Spiritual Health:

Now this is my personal favorite area. Spirituality, I remember during my days in college, a lot of questions were troubling me about the real spirituality. I was totally confused. The image of spirituality guided by my inner voice was contradictory to what the society portrayed it to be. This fight was not so easy. I was eagerly searching for a person who would guide me on this duality.


Finally, I would like to share that the one benefit of writing a diary is that it showed me the right path. How? I will explain you. You know when you write your thoughts:

  • It allows you to express yourself and that develops in you a skill to observe your thoughts and feelings.
  • Then with deep understanding you are able to differentiate the existence of your body, mind, thoughts, intellect and your real self.
  • The biggest benefit of writing a diary is that it will make your aware to realize your real self.
  • It helps to improve your intuition power and then connect with the natural existence.
  • After that we realize that only the consciousness is available everywhere and best part of it is that the consciousness is full of love, happiness and peace. That completeness is everything.  We so called it “God, Allah, Eshwar, Jesus”.


In Conclusion of this article, I just want to share something more about it. Guys, everyone wants to experience the feeling of completeness and satisfaction. We try to follow our passion to attain that real happiness. For instance there is a Marathi saying by Saint Tukoba “‘तुझं आहे तुजपाशी, परी तू जागा चुकलासी’ – It means everything is with you, but still you have missed your path.

Moreover, this habit of writing a diary also have a benefits on our focus on our self. It prove that everyone can increases the quality of life with the help of working on their physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Please remember one thing, that happiness is the path which comes from insight to out sight and not the vice-versa. For more information please refer this link- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diary

Guys, I hope above all points in this article will help you to understand the secret of life. This is my life experiences about my habit of writing a diary. I hope you will like it. If you have any comments or questions please share with me. I would be happy to help you out. 

Thanks and please take care.

And remember one thing “Problem is you and the solution is also you”

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