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“Healthy Family makes Healthy Nation”

The proposition – ENRICH MY HEALTH CENTER (EMHC) was brought to being in the year 2014 in Pune. The center was formed with an aim to support scientific research and application of Human Body, Mind and Soul and their treatment Based Interventions’ for enhancing the physical, mental, social and spiritual well being of the community at large.

The centre abides to a single steering principle: The advancement of people’s complete well being through the Natural ways by means of Natural body and Mind.

The concept of “complete health” was not easily comprehendible by family friends and society. After concerted effort in studying, lot of research, experimentation and experiences in the field, I was geared up and confident to work on the science of body, mind and soul. These three elements are interconnected and aids to treat all the four health dimensions (Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual) to obtain permanent solution for health issues.

After long thoughts and motivation from experts in the field, we have innovated our new concept of Physical, Psychological and Spiritual (PPS) Treatments and we call it the “PPS” method.

I amMsChitraKadu, Professionally a Clinical Psychologist, Yoga Expert and a Naturopath.

My heartfelt thanks to my loved ones for supporting me through out, that helped me form this holistic health care center – “Enrich My Health”. I am glad to be able to contribute towards the enrichment and well-being of human kind. I pledge to serve human kind to the best of my capability.

I am trained in Psychotherapy, Naturopathy, Yoga Therapy and Spiritual Technique and have practical experience in dealing with Physical as well as Psychological disorders like Digestive Problems, BP, Diabetes, Body pain, Women health issues, Migraine, Skin diseases, Stress Depression, Bipolar disorder, Anxiety disorders, Adjustment disorders, Relationship issues and Spiritual Conflicts.

We treat all the diseases on the basis of Psycho-somatic principal and we are able to achieve tremendously satisfactory results.

Our team of qualified health care professionals will help you discover your path to complete wellness. We have an integrative team of Yoga Therapist, Naturopaths, Psychologists, and Spiritual trainers. Our team of experts will guide you in enriching your life. We will help your body to galvanize its latent healing power, driving a balance between mind, body and spirit through various cleansing therapies, yogic kriyas, Naturopathy and Psychological therapy.

If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to write to us in the comment section below and for online consultation please contact us on entirchmyhealth@gmail.com or click on the link below – http://www.enrichmyhealth.com/Home/BookAnAppointment

Thank you very much for giving us your valuable time to read our articles.

Always take care.

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